12.202 emacspeak-vdiff

VDIFF == vimdiff Installable from melpa, vdiff enables synchronized movement through diff buffers without resorting to an extra control-panel as is the case with ediff. In addition to speech-enabling interactive commands and setting up face->voice mappings, this module provides commands that speak the current hunk. These are bound in vdiff-mode-prefix-map.

12.202.1 Emacspeak-Vdiff Commands emacspeak-vdiff-speak-other-hunk

Command: emacspeak-vdiff-speak-other-hunk
Speak corresponding hunk from other buffer. emacspeak-vdiff-speak-other-line

Command: emacspeak-vdiff-speak-other-line
Speak corresponding line from other buffer. emacspeak-vdiff-speak-this-hunk

Command: emacspeak-vdiff-speak-this-hunk
Speak VDiff hunk under point.