12.218 emacspeak-wizards

Contains various wizards for the Emacspeak desktop.

12.218.1 Emacspeak-Wizards Commands emacspeak-brightness-alert-toggle

Command: emacspeak-brightness-alert-toggle
Toggle brightness alert. emacspeak-brightness-autoblack-toggle

Command: emacspeak-brightness-autoblack-toggle
Toggle brightness autoblack. emacspeak-copy-current-file

Command: emacspeak-copy-current-file
C-e M-c
Copy file visited in current buffer to new location.
Prompts for the new location and preserves modification time
  when copying.  If location is a directory, the file is copied
  to that directory under its current name ; if location names
  a file in an existing directory, the specified name is
  used.  Asks for confirmation if the copy will result in an
  existing file being overwritten. emacspeak-customize

Command: emacspeak-customize
C-e C
Customize Emacspeak. emacspeak-describe-emacspeak

Command: emacspeak-describe-emacspeak
C-h C-e
<f1> C-e
<help> C-e
Give a brief overview of emacspeak. emacspeak-kill-buffer-quietly

Command: emacspeak-kill-buffer-quietly
C-e C-t Q
Kill current buffer without  confirmation. emacspeak-learn-emacs

Command: emacspeak-learn-emacs
C-e <f1>
C-h C-l
<f1> C-l
<help> C-l
Helps you learn the keys.  You can press keys and hear what they do.
To leave, press C-g. emacspeak-next-frame-or-buffer

Command: emacspeak-next-frame-or-buffer (&optional frame)
Move to next buffer.
With optional interactive prefix arg ‘frame’, move to next frame instead.

(fn &optional FRAME) emacspeak-previous-frame-or-buffer

Command: emacspeak-previous-frame-or-buffer (&optional frame)
Move to previous buffer.
With optional interactive prefix arg ‘frame’, move to previous frame instead.

(fn &optional FRAME) emacspeak-select-this-buffer-next-display

Command: emacspeak-select-this-buffer-next-display
C-e C-<right>
Select this buffer as displayed in a ‘next’ frame.
See documentation for command
‘emacspeak-select-this-buffer-other-window-display’ for the
meaning of ‘next’. emacspeak-select-this-buffer-other-window-display

Command: emacspeak-select-this-buffer-other-window-display (&optional arg)
Switch to this buffer as displayed in a different frame.
Emacs allows you to display the same buffer in multiple windows
or frames.  These different windows can display different
portions of the buffer.  This is equivalent to leaving a book
open at multiple places at once.  

(fn &optional ARG) emacspeak-select-this-buffer-previous-display

Command: emacspeak-select-this-buffer-previous-display
C-e C-<left>
Select this buffer as displayed in a ‘previous’ window.
See documentation for command
‘emacspeak-select-this-buffer-other-window-display’ for the
meaning of ‘previous’. emacspeak-show-property-at-point

Command: emacspeak-show-property-at-point (&optional property)
C-e M-p
Show value of PROPERTY at point.
If optional arg property is not supplied, read it interactively. 

(fn &optional PROPERTY) emacspeak-show-style-at-point

Command: emacspeak-show-style-at-point
C-e M-v
Show value of property personality (and possibly face) at point. emacspeak-skip-blank-lines-backward

Command: emacspeak-skip-blank-lines-backward
Move backward  across blank lines, then speak line. emacspeak-skip-blank-lines-forward

Command: emacspeak-skip-blank-lines-forward
Move forward across blank lines, then speak line. emacspeak-skip-space-backward

Command: emacspeak-skip-space-backward
Skip back across blanks. emacspeak-skip-space-forwar

Command: emacspeak-skip-space-forwar
Skip forward across blanks. emacspeak-speak-hostname

Command: emacspeak-speak-hostname
C-e M-h
Speak host name. emacspeak-speak-popup-messages

Command: emacspeak-speak-popup-messages
C-h M
<f1> M
<help> M
Pop up Messages  and switch to it. emacspeak-speak-telephone-directory

Command: emacspeak-speak-telephone-directory (&optional edit)
C-e x t
Lookup and display a phone number.
With prefix arg, opens the phone book for editing.

(fn &optional EDIT) emacspeak-speak-this-buffer-next-display

Command: emacspeak-speak-this-buffer-next-display
C-e <right>
Speak this buffer as displayed in a ‘previous’ window.
See documentation for command
‘emacspeak-speak-this-buffer-other-window-display’ for the
meaning of ‘next’. emacspeak-speak-this-buffer-other-window-display

Command: emacspeak-speak-this-buffer-other-window-display (window)
C-e C-/
Speak this buffer as displayed in a different frame or window.  Emacs
allows you to display the same buffer in multiple windows or
frames.  These different windows can display different
portions of the buffer.  This is equivalent to leaving a
book open at places at once.  This command allows you to
listen to the places where you have left the book open.  

(fn WINDOW) emacspeak-speak-this-buffer-previous-display

Command: emacspeak-speak-this-buffer-previous-display
C-e <left>
Speak this buffer as displayed in a ‘previous’ window.
See documentation for command
‘emacspeak-speak-this-buffer-other-window-display’ for the
meaning of ‘previous’. emacspeak-view-emacspeak-news

Command: emacspeak-view-emacspeak-news
C-e N
Display emacspeak News for a given version. emacspeak-view-emacspeak-tips

Command: emacspeak-view-emacspeak-tips
C-e T
Browse  Emacspeak productivity tips. emacspeak-wizards-bbc-iplayer

Command: emacspeak-wizards-bbc-iplayer
Browse BBC Schedule from get_iplayer radio cache.
Bug: First run fails to bind keys.   Works on subsequent runs. emacspeak-wizards-cleanup-shell-path

Command: emacspeak-wizards-cleanup-shell-path
Cleans up duplicates in shell path env variable. emacspeak-wizards-color-at-point

Command: emacspeak-wizards-color-at-point
C-h ,
<f1> ,
<help> ,
Echo foreground/background color at point. emacspeak-wizards-color-diff-at-point

Command: emacspeak-wizards-color-diff-at-point (&optional set)
C-h \
<f1> \
<help> \
Speak difference between background and foreground color at point.
With interactive prefix arg, set foreground and background color first.

(fn &optional SET) emacspeak-wizards-color-wheel

Command: emacspeak-wizards-color-wheel (start)
C-e x C-c
Manipulate a simple color wheel and display the name and shade
  of the resulting color.  Prompts for a color from which to
  start exploration.

Keyboard Commands During Interaction:
Up/Down: Increase/Decrement along current axis using specified step-size.
=: Set value on current axis to number read from minibuffer.
Left/Right: Switch color axis along which to move.
b/f: Quit  wheel after setting background/foreground color to current value.
n: Read color name from minibuffer.
c: Complement  current color.
s: Set stepsize to number read from minibuffer.
q: Quit color wheel, after copying current hex value to kill-ring.

(fn START) emacspeak-wizards-colors

Command: emacspeak-wizards-colors
C-e x M-c
Display list of colors and setup a callback to activate color
under point as either the foreground or background color. emacspeak-wizards-comma-at-end-of-word

Command: emacspeak-wizards-comma-at-end-of-word
Move to the end of current word and add a comma. emacspeak-wizards-count-slides-in-region

Command: emacspeak-wizards-count-slides-in-region (start end)
Count slides starting from point.

(fn START END) emacspeak-wizards-customize-saved

Command: emacspeak-wizards-customize-saved (pattern)
C-h C-s
<f1> C-s
<help> C-s
Customize saved options matching ‘pattern’.  This command enables
updating custom settings for a specific package or group of packages.

(fn PATTERN) emacspeak-wizards-describe-voice

Command: emacspeak-wizards-describe-voice (personality)
C-h C-v
<f1> C-v
<help> C-v
Describe  voice — analogous to C-h /.
When called interactively, ‘personality’ defaults to first
personality at point. 

(fn PERSONALITY) emacspeak-wizards-end-of-word

Command: emacspeak-wizards-end-of-word (arg)
move to end of word

(fn ARG) emacspeak-wizards-enumerate-matching-commands

Command: emacspeak-wizards-enumerate-matching-commands (pattern)
Return list of commands whose names match pattern.

(fn PATTERN) emacspeak-wizards-enumerate-matching-faces

Command: emacspeak-wizards-enumerate-matching-faces (pattern)
Enumerate  faces matching pattern.

(fn PATTERN) emacspeak-wizards-enumerate-uncovered-commands

Command: emacspeak-wizards-enumerate-uncovered-commands (pattern &optional bound)
Enumerate unadvised commands matching pattern.
Optional interactive prefix arg ‘bound’
filters out commands that dont have an active key-binding.

(fn PATTERN &optional BOUND) emacspeak-wizards-enumerate-undefined-faces

Command: emacspeak-wizards-enumerate-undefined-faces
utility function to enumerate possibly old, obsolete maps that we have still
mapped to voices. emacspeak-wizards-enumerate-unmapped-faces

Command: emacspeak-wizards-enumerate-unmapped-faces (&optional pattern)
Enumerate unmapped faces matching pattern.

(fn &optional PATTERN) emacspeak-wizards-espeak-line

Command: emacspeak-wizards-espeak-line
Speak line using espeak polyglot wizard. emacspeak-wizards-espeak-region

Command: emacspeak-wizards-espeak-region (start end)
Speak region using ESpeak polyglot wizard.

(fn START END) emacspeak-wizards-espeak-string

Command: emacspeak-wizards-espeak-string (string)
Speak string in lang via ESpeak.
Lang is obtained from property ‘lang’ on string, or via an
interactive prompt.

(fn STRING) emacspeak-wizards-eww-buffer-list

Command: emacspeak-wizards-eww-buffer-list
C-z e
C-e z e
Display list of  EWW buffers. emacspeak-wizards-exec-path-from-shell

Command: emacspeak-wizards-exec-path-from-shell
Update exec-path from shell path. emacspeak-wizards-execute-asynchronously

Command: emacspeak-wizards-execute-asynchronously (key)
Read key-sequence, then execute its command on a new thread.

(fn KEY) emacspeak-wizards-find-file-as-root

Command: emacspeak-wizards-find-file-as-root (file)
C-; r
C-x @ h r
Automatically edit file with root-privileges (using
tramp/sudo), if the file is not writable by user.

(fn FILE) emacspeak-wizards-find-longest-line-in-region

Command: emacspeak-wizards-find-longest-line-in-region (start end)
C-e x =
Find longest line in region and move to it. 

(fn START END) emacspeak-wizards-find-longest-paragraph-in-region

Command: emacspeak-wizards-find-longest-paragraph-in-region (start end)
C-e x [
Find longest paragraph in region, and move to it. 

(fn START END) emacspeak-wizards-find-longest-sentence-in-region

Command: emacspeak-wizards-find-longest-sentence-in-region (start end)
C-e x ]
Find longest sentence in region, and move to it. 

(fn START END) emacspeak-wizards-find-shortest-line-in-region

Command: emacspeak-wizards-find-shortest-line-in-region (start end)
Find shortest line in region.
Moves to the shortest line when called interactively.

(fn START END) emacspeak-wizards-frame-colors

Command: emacspeak-wizards-frame-colors
Display frame’s foreground/background color setting. emacspeak-wizards-free-geo-ip

Command: emacspeak-wizards-free-geo-ip (&optional reverse-geocode)
Return list consisting of city and region_name.
Optional interactive prefix arg reverse-geocodes using Google Maps.

(fn &optional REVERSE-GEOCODE) emacspeak-wizards-gen-fn-decl

Command: emacspeak-wizards-gen-fn-decl (f &optional ext)
Generate declare-function call for function ‘f’.
Optional interactive prefix arg ext says this comes from an
external package.

(fn F &optional EXT) emacspeak-wizards-google-news

Command: emacspeak-wizards-google-news
C-. n
C-x @ s n
Clean up news.google.com. emacspeak-wizards-how-many-matches

Command: emacspeak-wizards-how-many-matches (start end &optional prefix)
C-e x h
If you define a file local variable
called ‘emacspeak-occur-pattern’ that holds a regular expression
that matches  lines of interest, you can use this command to
run ‘how-many’ to count  matching header lines.
With interactive prefix arg, prompts for and remembers the file local pattern.

(fn START END &optional PREFIX) emacspeak-wizards-lacheck-buffer-file

Command: emacspeak-wizards-lacheck-buffer-file
Run Lacheck on current buffer. emacspeak-wizards-locate-content

Command: emacspeak-wizards-locate-content (pattern)
C-. l
C-x @ s l
Locate content matching  pattern.  The results can be
 opened by M-x emacspeak-dired-open-this-file locally bound to C-RET .

(fn PATTERN) emacspeak-wizards-mlb-standings

Command: emacspeak-wizards-mlb-standings (&optional raw)
Display MLB standings as of today.
Optional interactive prefix arg shows  unprocessed results.

(fn &optional RAW) emacspeak-wizards-module-enumerate-uncovered-commands

Command: emacspeak-wizards-module-enumerate-uncovered-commands (m)
Enumerate uncovered commands from module m

(fn M) emacspeak-wizards-move-and-speak

Command: emacspeak-wizards-move-and-speak (command count)
Speaks a chunk of text bounded by point and a target position.
Target position is specified using a navigation command and a
count that specifies how many times to execute that command
first.  Point is left at the target position.  Interactively,
command is specified by pressing the key that invokes the

(fn COMMAND COUNT) emacspeak-wizards-nba-standings

Command: emacspeak-wizards-nba-standings (&optional raw)
Display NBA standings as of today.
Optional interactive prefix arg shows  unprocessed results.

(fn &optional RAW) emacspeak-wizards-next-bullet

Command: emacspeak-wizards-next-bullet
Navigate to and speak next ‘bullet’. emacspeak-wizards-next-interactive-defun

Command: emacspeak-wizards-next-interactive-defun
Move point to the next interactive defun emacspeak-wizards-noaa-weather

Command: emacspeak-wizards-noaa-weather (&optional ask)
C-; w
C-e x w
C-x @ h w
Display weather  using NOAA Weather API.
Address is a string and can include house-number, street name,
city and zip.  Data is retrieved only once, subsequent calls
switch to previously displayed results. Kill that buffer or use
an interactive prefix arg (C-u) to get new data.  Optional second
interactive prefix arg (C-u C-u) asks for location address;
Default is to display weather for ‘gmaps-my-address’.

(fn &optional ASK) emacspeak-wizards-occur-header-lines

Command: emacspeak-wizards-occur-header-lines (&optional prefix)
C-e x o
If you define a file local variable called
‘emacspeak-occur-pattern’ that holds a regular expression that
matches header lines, you can use this command to
run ‘occur’ to find matching header lines. With prefix arg,
prompts for and sets value of the file local pattern.

(fn &optional PREFIX) emacspeak-wizards-pdf-open

Command: emacspeak-wizards-pdf-open (filename &optional ask-pwd)
C-, p
C-x @ a p
Open pdf file as text.
Optional interactive prefix arg ask-pwd prompts for password.

(fn FILENAME &optional ASK-PWD) emacspeak-wizards-portfolio

Command: emacspeak-wizards-portfolio
C-' p
View stock quotes emacspeak-wizards-previous-bullet

Command: emacspeak-wizards-previous-bullet
Navigate to and speak previous ‘bullet’. emacspeak-wizards-remote-frame

Command: emacspeak-wizards-remote-frame
C-e x f
Open a frame on a remote Emacs.
Remote workstation is  ‘emacspeak-wizards-remote-workstation’.
Works best when you already are ssh-impel-ed in and have a talking
  remote Emacs in   a local XTerm. emacspeak-wizards-set-colors

Command: emacspeak-wizards-set-colors
Prompt for foreground and background colors. emacspeak-wizards-shell

Command: emacspeak-wizards-shell (&optional prefix)
Run Emacs  ‘shell’ command when not in a shell buffer, or
when called with a prefix argument. When called from a shell buffer,
switches to ‘next’ shell buffer. When called from outside a shell
buffer, find the most ‘appropriate shell’ and switch to it. Once
switched, set default directory in that target shell to the directory
of the source buffer.

(fn &optional PREFIX) emacspeak-wizards-shell-by-key

Command: emacspeak-wizards-shell-by-key (&optional prefix)
C-e x 5
C-e x 4
C-e x 3
C-e x 2
C-e x 1
C-e x 0
Switch to shell buffer by key. This provides a predictable
  means for switching to a specific shell buffer. When invoked
  from a non-shell-mode buffer that is a dired-buffer or is
  visiting a file, invokes ‘cd ’ in the shell to change to the.
  value of ‘default-directory’ When already in a shell buffer,
  interactive prefix arg ‘prefix’ causes this shell to be
  re-keyed if appropriate — see
  M-x emacspeak-wizards-shell-re-key for an explanation of how
  re-keying works.

(fn &optional PREFIX) emacspeak-wizards-shell-command-on-current-file

Command: emacspeak-wizards-shell-command-on-current-file (command)
C-e &
C-e x 7
Prompts for and runs shell command on current file.

(fn COMMAND) emacspeak-wizards-shell-directory-reset

Command: emacspeak-wizards-shell-directory-reset (&optional prefix)
C-. .
C-e x .
C-x @ s .
Set current directory to this shell’s initial directory if one was
defined.  If not in a shell buffer, switch to our Home shell buffer.
With interactive prefix-arg, change this shell’s  project directory to
the current directory.

(fn &optional PREFIX) emacspeak-wizards-shell-directory-set

Command: emacspeak-wizards-shell-directory-set
C-e x ,
Define current directory as this shell’s project directory. emacspeak-wizards-shell-toggle

Command: emacspeak-wizards-shell-toggle
C-e <f11>
Switch to  shell  and cd to
  directory of the previously current buffer. emacspeak-wizards-show-eval-result

Command: emacspeak-wizards-show-eval-result (form)
Pretty-print and view Lisp evaluation results.

(fn FORM) emacspeak-wizards-show-face

Command: emacspeak-wizards-show-face (face)
Show  properties of  face.

(fn FACE) emacspeak-wizards-show-memory-used

Command: emacspeak-wizards-show-memory-used
Convenience command to view state of memory used in this session so far. emacspeak-wizards-show-theme

Command: emacspeak-wizards-show-theme (palette)
Display colors in  palette.
Prompts for a color palette variable as used in the modus theme and
  its variants,
and pops to a buffer that describes the colors used in that palette.

(fn PALETTE) emacspeak-wizards-snarf-sexp

Command: emacspeak-wizards-snarf-sexp (&optional delete)
C-x @ h DEL
Snarf the contents between delimiters at point.
Optional interactive prefix arg deletes it.

(fn &optional DELETE) emacspeak-wizards-speak-iso-datetime

Command: emacspeak-wizards-speak-iso-datetime (iso)
Speak ISO date-time.

(fn ISO) emacspeak-wizards-squeeze-blanks

Command: emacspeak-wizards-squeeze-blanks (start end)
C-e x |
Squeeze multiple blank lines.

(fn START END) emacspeak-wizards-swap-fg-and-bg

Command: emacspeak-wizards-swap-fg-and-bg
C-h =
<f1> =
<help> =
Swap foreground and background. emacspeak-wizards-tex-tie-current-word

Command: emacspeak-wizards-tex-tie-current-word (n)
Tie the next n  words.

(fn N) emacspeak-wizards-toggle-mm-dd-yyyy-date-pronouncer

Command: emacspeak-wizards-toggle-mm-dd-yyyy-date-pronouncer
Toggle pronunciation of mm-dd-yyyy dates. emacspeak-wizards-toggle-yyyy-mm-dd-date-pronouncer

Command: emacspeak-wizards-toggle-yyyy-mm-dd-date-pronouncer
Toggle pronunciation of yyyy-mm-dd dates. emacspeak-wizards-toggle-yyyymmdd-date-pronouncer

Command: emacspeak-wizards-toggle-yyyymmdd-date-pronouncer
Toggle pronunciation of yyyymmdd  dates. emacspeak-wizards-tramp-open-location

Command: emacspeak-wizards-tramp-open-location (name)
C-; C-t
C-x @ h C-t
Open specified tramp location.
Location is specified by name.

(fn NAME) emacspeak-wizards-tune-in-radio-browse

Command: emacspeak-wizards-tune-in-radio-browse (&optional category)
C-, t
C-x @ a t
Browse Tune-In Radio.
Optional interactive prefix arg ‘category’ prompts for a category.

(fn &optional CATEGORY) emacspeak-wizards-tune-in-radio-search

Command: emacspeak-wizards-tune-in-radio-search
C-, s
C-x @ a s
Search Tune-In Radio. emacspeak-wizards-units

Command: emacspeak-wizards-units
C-e x u
Run units. emacspeak-wizards-vc-n

Command: emacspeak-wizards-vc-n
Accelerator for VC viewer. emacspeak-wizards-vc-view-mode

Command: emacspeak-wizards-vc-view-mode
Major mode for interactively viewing virtual console contents.

Key             Binding
C-l             emacspeak-wizards-vc-viewer-refresh

In addition to any hooks its parent mode ‘special-mode’ might have
run, this mode runs the hook ‘emacspeak-wizards-vc-view-mode-hook’, as
the final or penultimate step during initialization. emacspeak-wizards-vc-viewer

Command: emacspeak-wizards-vc-viewer (console)
C-e x v
View contents of  virtual console.

(fn CONSOLE) emacspeak-wizards-vc-viewer-refresh

Command: emacspeak-wizards-vc-viewer-refresh
Refresh view of VC we’re viewing. emacspeak-wizards-view-buffers-filtered-by-m-player-mode

Command: emacspeak-wizards-view-buffers-filtered-by-m-player-mode
Buffer menu filtered by  m-player mode. emacspeak-wizards-view-buffers-filtered-by-this-mode

Command: emacspeak-wizards-view-buffers-filtered-by-this-mode
C-z b
C-. m
C-e z b
C-x @ s m
Buffer menu filtered by  mode of current-buffer.

12.218.2 emacspeak-wizards Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-brightness-autoblack
Set to T to automatically turn display black.

Default Value:


Variable: User Option emacspeak-speak-telephone-directory
File holding telephone directory.
This is just a text file, and we use grep to search it.

Default Value:


Variable: User Option emacspeak-wizards-pdf-to-text-options
options to Command for running pdftotext.

Default Value:


Variable: User Option emacspeak-wizards-project-shells
Project shells, a list of shell-name/initial-directory pairs.

Default Value:


Variable: User Option emacspeak-wizards-remote-workstation
Name of remote workstation.

Default Value:


Variable: User Option emacspeak-wizards-tramp-locations
Tramp locations used by Emacspeak tramp wizard.
Locations added here via custom can be opened using command
bound to C-x @@ h C-t.

Default Value: