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12.225 g-utils

Common Code e.g. helper functions. Used by modules like gphoto, gblogger etc.

12.225.1 g-utils Options

Variable: User Option g-atom-view-xsl

XSLT transform to convert Atom feed to HTML.

Default Value: /home/raman/emacs/lisp/emacspeak/xsl/atom-view.xsl

Variable: User Option g-cookie-jar

Cookie jar used for Google services. Customize this to live on your local disk.

Default Value: nil

Variable: User Option g-curl-common-options

Common options to pass to all Curl invocations.

Default Value: --http1.0 --compressed --silent --location --location-trusted --max-time 4 --connect-timeout 1

Variable: User Option g-curl-debug

Set to T to see Curl stderr output.

Default Value: nil

Variable: User Option g-xslt-program

XSLT Processor.

Default Value: xsltproc