12.227 ladspa

This module uses tools from the Ladspa SDK to expose Ladspa plugins in a consistent way to elisp. The goal is to make it easy to inspect Ladspa Plugins, And invoke them easily from Ladspa host applications such as MPlayer. Some Ladspa Packages that provide plugins: sudo apt-get install zam-plugins wah-plugins vco-plugins tap-plugins swh-plugins rev-plugins mcp-plugins liquidsoap-plugin-ladspa ladspa-foo-plugins invada-studio-plugins-ladspa fil-plugins

12.227.1 Ladspa Commands ladspa

Command: ladspa (&optional refresh)
Ladspa workbench.

(fn &optional REFRESH) ladspa-analyse-plugin-at-point

Command: ladspa-analyse-plugin-at-point
Analyse plugin at point. ladspa-edit-control

Command: ladspa-edit-control
Edit Ladspa control  at point by prompting for control values. ladspa-instantiate

Command: ladspa-instantiate
Instantiate plugin at point by prompting for control values. ladspa-mode

Command: ladspa-mode
A Ladspa workbench for the Emacspeak desktop.

In addition to any hooks its parent mode ‘special-mode’ might have
run, this mode runs the hook ‘ladspa-mode-hook’, as the final or
penultimate step during initialization.

Key             Binding
RET             ladspa-instantiate
SPC             ladspa-analyse-plugin-at-point
a               emacspeak-m-player-add-ladspa
d               emacspeak-m-player-delete-ladspa
e               ladspa-edit-control
n               next-line
p               previous-line