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12.16 emacspeak-arc

Auditory interface to archive mode This lets Emacs manipulate package files such as .zip and .jar files.

12.16.1 Emacspeak-Arc Commands emacspeak-arc-speak-file-modification-time

Command: emacspeak-arc-speak-file-modification-time
Speak modification time of the file on current line emacspeak-arc-speak-file-name

Command: emacspeak-arc-speak-file-name
Speak the name of the file on current line emacspeak-arc-speak-file-permissions

Command: emacspeak-arc-speak-file-permissions
Speak permissions of file current entry emacspeak-arc-speak-file-size

Command: emacspeak-arc-speak-file-size
Speak the size of the file on current line