12.14 emacspeak-auctex

Speech-enables the AucTeX package. AucTeX, now available from ELPA, has been my authoring environment of choice for writing LaTeX since 1991.

12.14.1 Emacspeak-Auctex Commands emacspeak-auctex-comma-at-end-of-word

Command: emacspeak-auctex-comma-at-end-of-word
Move to the end of current word and add a comma. emacspeak-auctex-end-of-word

Command: emacspeak-auctex-end-of-word (arg)
move to end of word

(fn ARG) emacspeak-auctex-lacheck-buffer-file

Command: emacspeak-auctex-lacheck-buffer-file
Run Lacheck on current buffer. emacspeak-auctex-tex-tie-current-word

Command: emacspeak-auctex-tex-tie-current-word (n)
Tie the next n  words.

(fn N)