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12.18 emacspeak-bbc

BBC developer API (backstage) is now history. that implementation is in obsolete/emacspeak-bbc-backstage.el This module contains a light-weight client.

12.18.1 Emacspeak-Bbc Commands emacspeak-bbc-get-iplayer-stream-pid

Command: emacspeak-bbc-get-iplayer-stream-pid (pid)
Stream using get_iplayer.

(fn PID) emacspeak-bbc-get-iplayer-stream-url

Command: emacspeak-bbc-get-iplayer-stream-url (url)
Stream using get_iplayer.

(fn URL) emacspeak-bbc-schedule

Command: emacspeak-bbc-schedule
Browse BBC Schedule from get_iplayer radio cache