12.76 emacspeak-extras

Infrequently used wizards archived for posterity.

12.76.1 Emacspeak-Extras Commands emacspeak-annotate-add-annotation

Command: emacspeak-annotate-add-annotation (&optional reset)
Add annotation to the annotation working buffer.
Prompt for annotation buffer if not already set.
Interactive prefix arg ‘reset’ prompts for the annotation
buffer even if one is already set.
Annotation is entered in a temporary buffer and the
annotation is inserted into the working buffer when complete. emacspeak-clipfile-copy

Command: emacspeak-clipfile-copy (start end &optional prompt)
C-e C-M-c
Use file-based Emacspeak Clipboard —
dis a convenient way of sharing information between independent
Emacspeak sessions running on  different machines. emacspeak-clipfile-paste

Command: emacspeak-clipfile-paste (&optional paste-table)
Yank contents of the Emacspeak clipboard at point. emacspeak-curl

Command: emacspeak-curl (url)
Grab URL using Curl, and preview it with a browser . emacspeak-wizards-add-autoload-cookies

Command: emacspeak-wizards-add-autoload-cookies (&optional f)
Add autoload cookies to file f.
Default is to add autoload cookies to current file. emacspeak-wizards-bindings-from-org

Command: emacspeak-wizards-bindings-from-org (variable filename)
Load bindings from a specified file. emacspeak-wizards-bindings-to-org

Command: emacspeak-wizards-bindings-to-org (variable filename)
Persists mapping to org file. emacspeak-wizards-display-pod-as-manpage

Command: emacspeak-wizards-display-pod-as-manpage (filename)
Create a virtual manpage in Emacs from the Perl Online Documentation. emacspeak-wizards-find-grep

Command: emacspeak-wizards-find-grep (glob pattern)
Run compile using find and grep.
Interactive  arguments specify filename pattern and search pattern. emacspeak-wizards-fix-read-only-text

Command: emacspeak-wizards-fix-read-only-text (start end)
Nuke read-only property on text range. emacspeak-wizards-generate-voice-sampler

Command: emacspeak-wizards-generate-voice-sampler (step)
Generate a buffer that shows a sample line in all the ACSS settings
for the current voice family. emacspeak-wizards-list-voices

Command: emacspeak-wizards-list-voices (pattern)
C-h "
<f1> "
<help> "
Show all defined voice-face mappings  in a help buffer.
Sample text to use comes from variable
  ‘ems–wizards-sampler-text emacspeak-wizards-midi-using-m-score

Command: emacspeak-wizards-midi-using-m-score (midi-file)
Play midi file using mscore from musescore package. emacspeak-wizards-show-voices

Command: emacspeak-wizards-show-voices
Display a buffer with sample text in the defined voices. emacspeak-wizards-voice-sampler

Command: emacspeak-wizards-voice-sampler (personality)
Read a personality  and apply it to the current line.

12.76.2 emacspeak-extras Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-clipfile-file
File used to save Emacspeak clipboard.
The emacspeak clipboard provides a convenient mechanism for exchanging
information between different Emacs sessions.

Default Value:


Variable: User Option emacspeak-curl-cookie-store
Cookie store used by Curl.

Default Value: