12.94 emacspeak-google

There are a number of search tools that can be implemented on the Google search page — in a JS-powered browser, these show up as the Google tool-belt. This module implements a minor mode for use in Google result pages that enables these tools via single keyboard commands. Originally all options were available as tbs=p:v Now, some specialized searches, e.g. blog search are tbm=

12.94.1 Emacspeak-Google Commands emacspeak-google-extract-from-cache

Command: emacspeak-google-extract-from-cache
Extract current  page from the Google cache. emacspeak-google-knowledge-search

Command: emacspeak-google-knowledge-search (query &optional limit)
Perform a Google Knowledge Graph search.
Optional interactive prefix arg ‘limit’ prompts for number of
results, default is 1.

(fn QUERY &optional LIMIT) emacspeak-google-on-this-site

Command: emacspeak-google-on-this-site
Perform a google search restricted to the current WWW site. emacspeak-google-show-toolbelt

Command: emacspeak-google-show-toolbelt
Reload search page with toolbelt showing. emacspeak-google-sign-in

Command: emacspeak-google-sign-in
Sign in to Google. emacspeak-google-sign-out

Command: emacspeak-google-sign-out
Sign out to Google. emacspeak-google-similar-to-this-page

Command: emacspeak-google-similar-to-this-page (url)
Ask Google to find documents similar to this one.

(fn URL) emacspeak-google-toolbelt-change

Command: emacspeak-google-toolbelt-change
Command to change values in the toolbelt and execute the query. emacspeak-google-tts-line

Command: emacspeak-google-tts-line (&optional lang)
C-. g l
C-x @ s g l
TTS line using network TTS.
Use default voice for buffer.

(fn &optional LANG) emacspeak-google-tts-next-line

Command: emacspeak-google-tts-next-line
C-. g n
C-x @ s g n
TTS next line using network TTS.
Use default voice for buffer. emacspeak-google-tts-previous-line

Command: emacspeak-google-tts-previous-line
C-. g p
C-x @ s g p
TTS previous line using network TTS.
Use default voice for buffer. emacspeak-google-tts-region

Command: emacspeak-google-tts-region (start end &optional ask-lang)
C-. g r
C-x @ s g r
Speak region using Google Network TTS.

(fn START END &optional ASK-LANG) emacspeak-google-tts-speak

Command: emacspeak-google-tts-speak (text &optional lang)
C-. g s
C-x @ s g s
Google Network TTS.
Optional interactive prefix arg ‘lang’ specifies  language identifier
which becomes buffer-local.

(fn TEXT &optional LANG) emacspeak-google-what-is-my-ip

Command: emacspeak-google-what-is-my-ip
Show my public IP emacspeak-google-yt-feed

Command: emacspeak-google-yt-feed (url)
C-' y
Turn YT Channel or Playlist url into an RSS feed and open it.

(fn URL)

12.94.2 emacspeak-google Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-google-kg-key
API Key for Google Knowledge Graph.

Default Value: