12.95 emacspeak-gridtext

Emacspeak’s table browsing mode allows one to efficiently access content that is tabular in nature. That module also provides functions for inferring table structure where possible. Often, such structure is hard to infer automatically –but might be known to the user e.g. treat columns 1 through 30 as one column of a table and so on. This module allows the user to specify a conceptual grid that is "overlaid" on the region of text to turn it into a table for tabular browsing. For now, elements of the grid are "one line" high –but that may change in the future if necessary. This module is useful for browsing structured text files and the output from programs that tabulate their output. It’s also useful for handling multicolumn text. The "grid" is specified as a list of (start end) tuples..

12.95.1 Emacspeak-Gridtext Commands emacspeak-gridtext-apply

Command: emacspeak-gridtext-apply (start end grid)
C-e # a
Apply grid to region.

(fn START END GRID) emacspeak-gridtext-load

Command: emacspeak-gridtext-load (file)
C-e # l
Load saved grid settings.

(fn FILE) emacspeak-gridtext-save

Command: emacspeak-gridtext-save (file)
C-e # s
Save out grid settings.

(fn FILE)