12.211 emacspeak-webspace

WEBSPACE == Smart Web Gadgets For The Emacspeak Desktop

12.211.1 Emacspeak-Webspace Commands emacspeak-webspace-feed-reader

Command: emacspeak-webspace-feed-reader (&optional refresh)
C-. R
C-x @ s R
Display Feed Reader Feed list in a WebSpace buffer.
Optional interactive prefix arg forces a refresh.

(fn &optional REFRESH) emacspeak-webspace-filter

Command: emacspeak-webspace-filter
Open headline at point and filter for content. emacspeak-webspace-headlines

Command: emacspeak-webspace-headlines
Startup Headlines ticker using RSS/Atom  feeds. emacspeak-webspace-headlines-browse

Command: emacspeak-webspace-headlines-browse
Display buffer of browsable headlines. emacspeak-webspace-headlines-update

Command: emacspeak-webspace-headlines-update
Setup news updates.
Updated headlines found in emacspeak-webspace-headlines. emacspeak-webspace-mode

Command: emacspeak-webspace-mode
Major mode for Webspace interaction.

Key             Binding
TAB             forward-button
’         emacspeak-speak-rest-of-buffer
.               emacspeak-webspace-filter
/               search-forward
<            beginning-of-buffer
>            end-of-buffer
?               search-backward
b               backward-button
f               forward-button
n               forward-button
p               backward-button
q               bury-buffer
y               emacspeak-webspace-yank-link
<backtab> backward-button

C-M-i           backward-button

In addition to any hooks its parent mode ‘special-mode’ might have
run, this mode runs the hook ‘emacspeak-webspace-mode-hook’, as the
final or penultimate step during initialization. emacspeak-webspace-open

Command: emacspeak-webspace-open
Open headline at point by following its link property.

12.211.2 emacspeak-webspace Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-webspace-feeds
Feeds to use in Headline Ticker.

Default Value: