12.215 emacspeak-widget

This module implements the necessary extensions to provide talking widgets.

required modules

12.215.1 Emacspeak-Widget Commands emacspeak-widget-browse-widget-interactively

Command: emacspeak-widget-browse-widget-interactively
Allows you to browse a widget emacspeak-widget-help

Command: emacspeak-widget-help
Speak help for widget under point. emacspeak-widget-summarize-parent

Command: emacspeak-widget-summarize-parent
Summarize parent of widget at point. emacspeak-widget-summarize-widget-under-point

Command: emacspeak-widget-summarize-widget-under-point (&optional level)
Summarize a widget if any under point.
Optional interactive prefix specifies how many levels to go up from current
widget before summarizing.

(fn &optional LEVEL) emacspeak-widget-update-from-minibuffer

Command: emacspeak-widget-update-from-minibuffer (pos)
Sets widget at ‘pos’ by invoking its prompter.

(fn POS)