EMACSPEAK The Complete Audio Desktop

Here is where I plan to publish Emacspeak tricks and introduce new features as I implement them.

Table Of Contents

  1. Emacs Start-Up: Speeding It Up
  2. Data-Binding In Emacs Lisp: let-alist When Processing JSON Data
  3. Spatial Audio: ALSA Virtual Devices Using LADSPA
  4. Emacspeak 46.0 (HelpfulDog) Unleashed
  5. Email Setup On The Emacspeak Audio Desktop
  6. Emacs: Check Interactive Call For Emacspeak
  7. Audio Deja Vu: Audio Formatted Math On The Emacspeak Desktop
  8. Fun With TTS (Voxin) And Ladspa
  9. Follow-Up: Soundscapes On The Emacspeak Audio Desktop
  10. Emacspeak 45.0 (IdealDog) Unleashed
  11. Emacspeak 44.0 (SteadyDog) Unleashed
  12. Smithsonian Permanent Research Collection, May 12, 1999.
  13. Augmented Headphone Listening On Linux For The Emacspeak Audio Desktop
  14. Soundscapes on the Emacspeak Audio Desktop.
  15. A Ladspa Work-Bench for the Emacspeak desktop.
  16. New spatialized sound-theme derived from chimes
  17. Listening to multiple media streams on the Emacspeak Audio Desktop
  18. Emacspeak 43.0 (SolidDog) Unleashed
  19. Using Multiple TTS Streams On The Emacspeak Audio Desktop
  20. Smart Actions In Directory Buffers For The Emacspeak Audio Desktop
  21. Setting Up An X Environment For Using With Emacspeak, ChromeVox and StumpWM
  22. Emacspeak:Setting up StumpWM as a speech-enabled Window Manager.
  23. Emacspeak: An Overview Of Voice-Lock Over The Years
  24. Muggles Keyboard conveniences for the emacspeak desktop.
  25. Archvie of all articles.

These articles were formerly published via the Emacspeak Blog on Blogspot. Going forward, they will be published as light-weight HTML pages on GitHub.